1. Tom P.

    Congrats on the progress to date! Looking forward to see what is discussed on this blog.

  2. Ed W

    Welcome back, Randy!

  3. Szymon

    Dear Dr. Randell L. Mills

    I am following the development since Black Light Power times.
    Congratulation on your discovery.

    The year 2018 was marked by plans for commercialization.
    This year (2019) only R&D information seeped through.

    Can I ask some questions:
    – are there already any BLP-Devices producing continual heat/current?
    – “48 milestones achieved”. Out of?

    Greetings from Europe,

  4. Alright G

    I’m here to watch and see what goes down!

  5. Stefan Reul

    Can you pleas comment the new results of the Parker sun probe regarding measurement of the corona ? Seems to confirm some of the GUTCP predictions.

  6. Cashmemorz

    James Bowery, on the GUToCp site, was asking if the Millsian app can be used to predict Hydrino compounds.

    The way I understand that the Millsian works is, it uses two formulas that describe in full detail, the heat of formation of only atoms as they exist with their outer electron at the more usual level

    The Hydrino is a form of Hydrogen that has different characteristics, by way of its electron being at a lower orbit than the lowest known, normal orbit. So that atoms with their outer electron at such lower orbits would require formulas that take such lower orbits into consideration, to be able to use such atoms for describing molecules in the Millsian app. Also to allow such atoms to be used in the Millsian, all of the atoms that had their electron at the many possible lower orbit would have to be reworked regarding the two formulas used in the Millsian.

  7. Mike Miller

    I wish you well Randell in this time of coronavirus epidemic. Recent European economic responses to the crisis caused by the virus indicate that they want their recovery to be “green” all the way through. Other countries like Japan and China, Poland etc are sticking to fossil fuels for energy in the projected recovery period. Again, I want to urge you to strike while the iron is hot and get a working reactor supplying electricity in the public sector. What about those contracts you had with towns in New Mexico? Can you tell us what the timeline looks like at this point for commercialization of hydrino power?
    Thank you and as always Best Wishes!


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