Brilliant Light Power

Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (“BrLP” or the “Company”) believes that it has created a game-changing, nonpolluting fundamentally new primary source of energy from the conversion of hydrogen into a prior undiscovered, more stable form of hydrogen called “Hydrino®” that releases two hundred times more energy than burning hydrogen. This enormous chemical energy gain is thermodynamically enabling of using ubiquitous H2O water as the source of hydrogen fuel to form Hydrinos and oxygen. Brilliant Light has solved the theory using classical physical laws, isolated hydrino bound in compounds and as a gas, confirmed Hydrino as the reaction products by many analytical techniques, and identified Hydrino as the pervasive dark matter of the universe.

  • Reinventing electricity, independence of being completely off grid and independent of fuels infrastructure
  • New, sustainable, nonpolluting energy
  • Technology and science validated by independent third parties
  • Extensive proprietary methods and systems
  • Electricity company, sales via lease agreement, no metering
  • Partnership & outsource business model
  • Transitioning from research to reality
  • Profound implications for electric power – accessible, affordable, clean