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Classical Theory

This blog is provided for discussion of a new 100% green-clean energy source from the reaction of hydrogen to hydrino chemical state of hydrogen.  Power systems have been engineered that currently produce thermal power continuously at power levels of hundreds of kilowatts at extremely high-power densities.  Novel concentrator photovoltaic and magnetohydrodynamic power conversion technologies are being developed in addition to adaptations of existing ones for production of electricity for essentially all applications independent of grid and fuels infrastructure.

Classical physics predicted this hydrino power source as well as providing exact solutions for all of the major problems of chemistry and physics from the scale of subatomic particles to the cosmological parameters that are in agreement with past and recent disruptive observations.  The product hydrino has been isolated in the laboratory, and laboratory analytical and spectroscopy as well as astrophysical data indicate that hydrino is the identify of dark matter.  Topics of Power, Theory, and Analytical cover these aspects of the hydrino power.


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